Investor FAQs

1. I have a question regarding stock I have in my 401K.

Contact BConnected at 800-566-4114.

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2. I have a question about stock I purchased through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

Call Computershare ESPP at 1-866-571-2093.

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3. I have a question regarding a debt issuance such as a bond, debenture, or note.

For the 15.75% notes due 2003, CUSIP 441065AW9, contact US Bank at 1-800-934-6802.

For the 8 1/2% notes due 2019, 7 7/8% notes due 2020, and the 7 1/4% notes due 2020, contact:

Deutsche Bank Corporate Trust
Investor Contact Number

For all other bond inquiries, contact:

Bank of New York
Attn: Samuel Schwartzman
101 Barclay Street, 8W
New York, NY 10286
Phone: 212-815-5732

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4. I have some old HCA stock (1989 and prior). How do I cash in this stock?

Old HCA common and preferred stock (1989 and prior) was escheated to the state of the owner’s last known residence or the state of Delaware. To search for your property, you can go to the website

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5. How do I compute the tax basis of the tax-free spins – LifePoint and Triad?

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6. I hold certificate(s) of a company that was acquired by HCA, (i.e. Galen, Medical Care America), should I exchange them for HCA shares?

Yes, contact Computershare for more information at 1-877-581-5548.

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7. Who should I contact concerning questions about HCA stock I have?

All HCA Healthcare, Inc. shareholder inquiries should be directed to our Transfer Agent:

EQ Shareowner Services
Phone: 1-800-468-9716
Outside the US: 651-450-4064

For more information regarding HCA Inc.’s November 2006 LBO Transaction or inquiries regarding stock issued prior to November 17, 2006, you may contact:

Phone: 1-877-581-5548

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